I'm back!
So, it's been a while -- that's a given.

What in the world have I been up to that's kept me busy enough to ignore my blog?

1.) Work. It's been absolutely crazy.
2.) Rewrites. Yes, after all the editing I've been doing, I bit the bullet, gave the MS "the" finger, and started my first book. All. The. Way. Over.
3.) Working out. I got a bit heftier than I wanted to be -- forty-five pounds heftier. I'm glad to say, in six weeks I've lost twenty-five pounds and I've got another twenty to go.
4.) Gaming. That's right, I'm a gamer. MMO, at that. I started up Age of Conan for the first time in two years, and luckily I found someone that wanted a bit of written work done on the game. So I've got two articles up which you can find here and here, and I'll continue doing more since I enjoy working with Mr. James so much. =) Check them out if you're the least bit interested in gaming.

So I'd like to apologize for the dry spell, but no worries -- today I'll make up for all that lost time. If you guys want anything in particular, let me know.
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