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Need help with your novel?
Character Depth:

Breathing life into your Main Character
Inner Conflict
Larger than Life qualities
Turnabouts and Surprises
Personal Stakes
Connecting with Characters
Secondary Characters
Once you have your characters, how do you weave their stories?
Character Voice
Designing a character after someone you know.
Character Growth

Plot Depth:

Public Stakes
Plot Layers and Weaving your story
More on Plotting
Digging for your Plot Holes


A trick to help you show, not tell.

Tension on every page? Should you? How?
The biggest post on a Query, ever.
Should you outline? Or not?
Pen Name?
Avoiding the Info-Dump
First Chapter "How-to"

Filling in your world

My terrifying, heart-wrenching query process:
Day one
Day two

Teaser Tuesday!
Teaser 1
Teaser 2

Road Trip Wednesdays:

#12 - Reaction to being a writer
#13 - Favorite unheard of books
#14 - Favorite Book Covers
#15 - Next big thing!


Finishing the third book!
When you find a book whose plot is similar...
Inspiration - 7 figure YA debut author deal
Inspiration - From Agent Fischer
Need a laugh? Here's the place!
What I've been up to!
Writing what you want or to stay true to your character?
I'm too determined to let it beat me.
The idea that got away.
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