Back from the wee bit of a break. =)
So, once again, I'm back.

I ended up getting incredibly sick for almost three weeks. After a couple doctor visits, and lord knows how much medicine, I'm all better. =)

Then, I had to spend way too much time doing make-up-work at work. I'm all caught up, finally! So, I'll be able to give writing a closer eye.

I left off in the middle of my query. When I was sick, I couldn't do much writing (I dosed in and out of sleep every hour... was terrible). So I spent my time reading.

Normally, I enjoy books. Not as much as I used to since I have a critical eye, but I do. I rarely ever enjoy someone's novels so much that I want to write about them, though. And ladies and gents, I have to tell you, if you enjoy romance in the least bit, give Monica McCarty a try.

She's got three trilogies going (not what I'd call your traditional "trilogy," but three books with the same characters, just different stories and MCs.) I'd suggest Highland Scoundrel for the first of her books. It's phenomenal, especially for a romance.

I believe anyone writing from any genre could appreciate Highland Scoundrel. Monica has some of the best tension I've ever seen, and her plot/set-backs are perfect. As I said, I very rarely promote a book, but for educational purposes, I think everyone should give this a read. Phenomenal author, and the golden story to represent her.
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