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What will be the next big thing in YA?

I think fairy tales will come in again. We have the paranormal romance, which I don't see lasting much longer, where you have two lovers that aren't supposed to be lovers. As in one lover dreams about eating/blood sucking the other. Life-threatening taboos. With that being said, I think fairy tale type loves will be considered refreshing to see. So Disney princesses, prepare to be re-told.

I think historical Urban Fantasy (does that make any sense, at all?) will be a big. For example, young Jewish boy who is a victim of concentration camps will find special powers or a new world. Something along those lines.

I'm also thinking we're about due for the next Star Trek/Star Warsish Sci Fi novel, a bit more in depth and technological than Avatar (which I adored).

Trying to think if I've skipped anything. Don't think I have!
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  1. Mortem Twins Says:

    I love the idea of a historical Urban Fantasy.

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