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Another good morning bloggers!

So the entire weekend was stressful. I was under a billion pounds worth of work-related-stress. A bit about me is that I do write, read, play video games, watch anime to escape from the every day ordinary real life.

With the weekend being what it was, an old idea that I've kept locked away started banging in my head. I've never been torn. My current WIP is amazing. I enjoy every second of it. The characters are like my brothers and sisters. Everything I could possibly want. I wouldn't have continued with it if it wasn't.

So why now? Why when I am almost finished with my final book's outline do I want to have an affair on my current WIP? It makes almost no sense.

So here I am. I'll try and get it out a little bit. Perhaps that will keep me on track.

Verotica, no I don't know her last name. In fact, I know very little about Ms. Verotica. The story is pure fantasy, instead of Urban. There is a royal family instead of a government, and 4 types of people: 1. Diplomats, a very intellectual breed of people. 2. Ancients, a group of people that have extended life (about four times the average human life) 3. Assassins, a group of people born with quick reflexes and abnormal strengths 4. Civilians, the majority of the people who do not possess the biological make up to be any. They are the ordinary folk of this nameless world.

What you are is determined by your genes. If you have an outstanding gene pool, then you are considered wealthy. While a small percentage is one of the three, there have been those who are cross-bred to have two of the genes.

When Verotica was born, she was the only person to be named to have all three genes. She was smart, strong, and fortunate to have a long life ahead of her. With the gene pool she possessed, the royal family took the girl in, like they did many young women, to become a Breeder. Breeders are young women given to the King or his sons to reproduce a more-perfect race.

I plan for the book to be action packed and highly political. It's just keeping it in my head until I can finish my last book. How frustrating!
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