Lost in romance...
Now it's no secret that I don't do romance. I like blood, religious undertones, dragons, swords, magic -- everything that doesn't scream contemporary romance.

So doing the romance is making me think more than any other element of my book. We have Bryce Bourbon. He's a womanizing prick. We all know the type. The one we watch on the other side of the bar and roll our eyes at; in fact, I don't even know what bothers me more, the guy being that arrogant or the girl giggling with each lying, flattering word that spews out of his mouth.

Womanizing pricks go after the gullible or the slutty. So how exactly am I supposed to make my little Brycey Pooh fall in love? And I'm talking about real love.

There's lots to consider.

How does he treat this girl different than the other twenty bimbos he's slept with?

Does the girl start off being a superior, an equal, or someone that Bryce feels the need to save?

How does she act to demand his respect? How does she catch his eye? What makes her instantly better?

Will it be love at first sight? Love in denial where they won't actually "hook up" until the very end of the book? A friendship that blossoms into love?

While I don't write romance, I'm quite the romantic thinker, and I love anything that has to do with love at first sight. I love love that is out of control. But, I like love to feel as if it's going to last forever -- not just some freak obsession. Let's face it -- there's a really fine line between some undeniable love at first sight and a freak obsession.

Aside from trying to feel out that particular fine line, I also have to think about what is keeping the two from riding off on a white horse? Let's say it's love at first sight. It's undeniable. She turned this womanizing prick into a lifetime partner. What keeps them apart?

This is one of those times where I can't just do what I want. I can't just write what I want. I have to do what's true to the characters. No love at first sight for Bryce.

Ever been in this situation? How did it work out for you?
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