*Takes a deep breath* I'm back!
So, life's been crazy, and no -- that's no excuse to neglect my poor baby blog. Sorry!

Between tax season, a vacation, weeks upon weeks of catch-up work after the vacation, and a couple other interesting things -- I've had my hands tied behind my back.

I'm not the strictest writer in the world. I'm really hard on myself about the quality of writing, but as for keeping a set schedule, I just don't do it. I write when I want to, and I'm so in love and so involved with my story that it's always come easy. To keep this easy, I have one simple rule:

Before you stop, finish the chapter you started.

I broke that rule for the first time, and after being gone from my precious manuscript for two months, I'm kicking myself in the ass.

I turn on my laptop, read what I've written, and eagerly started to write. But I can't remember *exactly* where I was going with this scene. I know where it needs to end up. So I try and make it work. Re-read it. Delete. This has happened to me a whole three times now, and honestly, it's getting frustrating.

I'm going to get through it though. Writing challenges you in so many different ways. No matter what situation you're dealing with, there's only one answer to solve it: determination. Don't let anything stop you. You deserve to trip over your plot holes. You deserve to question your character's depth. You deserve to want to claw your eyes out after the third time editing. You deserve the seconds that turn into years whenever you send your query out. You deserve your heart banging against your chest when you are waiting for a publisher's response.


Because by god, after every step you've taken so far, you deserve it. As do I. So bastard chapter that won't let me continue, be warned. I'm going to get past you.
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