More thoughts on romance
As I said in one of my previous entries, I don't do romance. I love to read romance, but I've always felt silly writing it.

Not to mention I've got a huge pet peeve when it comes to authors mistaking lust for love. Sure, there's a fine line, but after most romance books (or subplots for that matter) I rarely think the people will live for and love each other for the rest of their years. "Love" in most books feel shallow.

Since it's a pet peeve, obviously I don't want to do it. So I've been bothered by how Bryce and Sami will fall in love without making it feel like shallow lust, especially since Bryce is the epitome of shallow.

But something happened last night that opened my eyes.

You can have a strong physical attraction to someone, but it not be -the- thing that makes you different from every other man or woman.

There's something to love about everyone in the world. Every single person has admirable characteristics. But I'm starting to think there is only one. There's only one person that walks to the same beating drum. There's only one person who's mind is in the exact same place as yours. Age doesn't determine it. Gender doesn't. Lust and physical attraction doesn't. It's simply a freak-of-nature incident that has molded two people of completely different backgrounds to have the same unshakable beliefs, clever opinions, sunny sense of humor, and common wants/goals.

Even though I've always nailed myself as a hopeless romantic, in the world today, you've got to have a realist view on love.

When I was little, my stepdad used to tell me the same thing after a break up. "There are millions upon millions of people in the world, and out of those millions, there are thousands of people that you could love and would love you equally in return." Don't get me wrong, the advice is completely spot on. But because I believed in what he said so much, I had an idea branch off of it: there's something to love about everyone, but "the one" will be someone that you will accept the worst of and still love him/her unconditionally.

But I've changed my mind.

You really do have one. And it isn't just some hot babe. It isn't just going to be lust. He's going to want the same things out of life as you do. He's going to believe like you do. He's going share the same opinions as you, and not only accept your opinions and what you believe in -- but love each one of them.

I've "loved" a lot of people in my lifetime. All for different reasons. All in different ways. But once you meet that one, even if it's only for a little bit, you realize the relationships before hand were great, but they weren't perfect. They weren't "the one".

So, now that I've gone off on a completely romantic tangent. My eyes have been opened. A shallow womanizer can be turned into a fierce lover, and I intend on doing exactly that. I'll write more once I have it mapped out. Ahh outlines!
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