The idea that got away
So most of my ideas on what to post about on my blog come from either an agent's blog or Absolute Write Water Cooler. I try and answer as many questions as possible, because you see the same questions over and over and over and over. I figured if I could just answer them here, I'll always have a link to provide without repeating myself.

While I haven't seen too many amazing topics lately, one definitely caught my eye.

Question: Ever have an idea that you couldn't write before, but you feel like you can now?

Personally, I've grown an unbelievable amount in my writing. BUT (yes, there's a but here), there will always be the "idea that got away".

Something you may not know about me is that I am an omega-history buff. I love ancient civilizations. I love mythology. So, my first idea ever (I was fifteen or sixteen at the time) was about a soothsayer time traveling, and whenever he came back to his era -- time literally collapsed. All of the greatest ancient civilizations suddenly were overlapping. There were hundreds of different directions the story could go, and I felt completely overwhelmed by it. Honestly, regardless of how I've grown as a writer, I'm not sure I could ever conquer that project. =P
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