25 types of romantic relationships
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Won't you be happy when I get off this? I can't help it. I've somewhat got writer's block. Not that I can't write, but nothing I've written has been good enough for Bryce and Sami. Nothing! So, I write. Erase. Start all over. Research. Look. Think of something. Write. Erase.

It's not a fun marry-go-round. So, in case you ever find yourself in this situation, I'm going to try and get something together to help! I took this from this thread.

1. Love at First Sight
I guess this one describes the typical fairytale/standard romance. Think Disney, The Princess Bride, . Usually, the conflict seems to revolve around a quest or rescue mission. They fall in love fast, but some outside force is keeping them apart rather than tension within the couple.

2. “Oops!”
A strong-willed or career-minded character doesn’t intend to fall in love, and happens upon it by accident… with consequences that could destroy their dreams/career…undercover cop falls for a criminal, tabloid writer falls for subject of trashy interview, ect. (How of Lose a Man in 10 Days, Zoolander, Van Wilder movies)
Often, one character needs to choose between love and their career, or must find a creative way to obtain both!

3. Forbidden Love/"Romeo and Juliet"
This one seems to fall into paranormal romance, human/vampire (Bella and Mr. Sparkles) Sometimes its as simple as simple as a high school jock infatuated with a "nerd" character, or an office relationship, notable age difference, even step-siblings.

4. Love/Hate
The characters start off disliking each other, and we all know what that means!
Examples: Rhett Butler and Scarlet , Han Solo and Princess Leia

5. Childhood Friends
Characters have known each other since childhood. I think of Anne of Green Gables and Gilbert...(though it crosses into love/hate a bit :P
Sometimes the relationship is sweeter and involves a childhood promise. Many anime and romance manga comics feature childhood friends relationships.

6. Best Friends/ Friends First
The characters all ready know EVERYTHING about each other at the beginning of the story. However, something is keeping them from realizing their true feelings. Does anyone remember Dawson's Creek?

7. Rivals/ Protagonist vs. Antagonist
Sometimes this crosses into Love/Hate, sometimes not...I think of Xena and Ares from Xena: Warrior Princess, or if a protagonist character falls for the bad guy/girl.

8. Love Triangle
Pearl Harbor (bleh), Twilight (the whole Bella/Edward/Jacob deal). The main character has to choose between two suitors.

9. "Sorry, I'm Taken"
Usually, this one involves a couple that seems perfect for each other, but one of the subjects already has a nasty/ boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse they can't let go of...
Titanic comes to mind...

10. "In Disguise"
Shakespeare came up with it first (though he came up with most romance tropes, didnt he?) Think of "Twelfth Night" which inspired a variety of movies and books in which a girl character is in disguise as a boy,causing quite the confusion situation for the male love interest! I recommend a fantastic Asian drama called "Coffee Prince" for this one. The "disguise" situation could also happen for "undercover" characters like detectives, reporters, ect.

11. “Different Worlds”
Not necessarily forbidden, but this couple struggles with bridging the gap between their two worlds, sometimes causing friction when they don’t understand each other. The different "world" could be literal in fantasy and sci-fi, or could deal with "real world" issues such as class, race, religion, ect. I'm thinking of Pride and Prejudice, Ask the Dusk, or even funny movies like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

12. “ Second time around”
Two lovers who already knew each other (and lost contact or broke up) prior to the beginning of the story, meet again and the sparks fly...

13. “Tragic Past”
I see this on so many crime shows/shows geared towards men. Two characters click well, but one character cannot get over the tragic past of losing a loved one, ect. Usually one of the subjects lost a lover or spouse who died years before meeting their love interest.

14. "Long Distance Relationship"
One character is captured, goes away to war, college, and the chemistry between them is shown through letters or phone calls, leaving readers in anticipation of their reunion. Sometimes they are tested by temptation or other forces trying to tear them apart...
This probably works well for army stories.

15. “The Unobtainable Love Interest/ 1-sided”
Usually, one character immediately knows who they want and why they want them...but the other character doesn't seem interested, or has a secret reason for not expressing their interest. I find this love trope common in YA-usually concerning popularity or self esteem issues. Peter Parker and Mary Jane come to mind.

16. “Lovers in Denial”
Borders on love/hate where the characters tease each other, but in a more respectful playful way. They are often good friends at some point in the story, and get in general conflicts and playful arguments but don’t dislike each other, and often have respect for each other. Usually, one or both characters have a pride issue that keeps them from
confessing their love, or they don’t want to ruin their friendship or work partnership. They’re in love, and everyone else in the story realizes it except for them.

I’d say June and Johnny Cash are real life examples, Lois Lane and Superman, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from XFiles

17. “Passionate Lovers”
I see this in soap operas, dramas, and genre romance...revolves mostly around intense physical attraction/lust at first and sometimes develops into something more...

18. “Sweethearts Forever?”
Lovers that just click, seem sugary sweet, and almost too perfect for each other, usually one or both is/are hiding something…
Ashley Wilkes and Melanie from Gone With the Wind

19. "Opposites Attract"
Two different characters click and deal with each others differences at the same time… usually I see this expressed in YA-between an introvert character and extrovert character. If you've seen the musical, "Wicked", think of Elphaba and Fiyero.

20. "Similarities Attract"
Characters act very much alike, causing both tension and infatuation… Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood (passion for archeaology and similar tempers)

21. "Partners in Crime"
Two characters who work as a “bad guy” team…often do malicious things to those who get in their way, but are actually a loyal and devoted couple.
Think Bonnie and Clyde, or various soap opera teams and super villains.

22. “Dangerous Drama”
Passionate, twisted, intense..yet they always come back to each other... even though the couple needs therapy and the characters have done some pretty nasty things ranging from mind games to physical abuse (yikes!)yet there's something about these relationships that keeps viewers or readers waiting for more...
I see this in soap operas, TV dramas, and some YA (gossip girl) Usually involves betrayal, vengeance, dangerous characters, and life-threating situations...

23. “Arranged Marriage/Date”
Two characters are set-up and forced to be together by politics or family pressure, sometimes crossing into other love/hate, love at first sight...Did anyone see "The Fantastics" when the parents secretly set-up their children? ((Great musical!))

24. First Love
Usually a YA trope...the ups and downs of first love...the subjects need to figure out how to handle a relationship while trying to discover their own identities at the same time. I'm thinking of the classic 80's movie, "Say Anything".

25. Long-term lovers
The couple has already been together for awhile, sometimes married!
However, something other than another love interest (kids, adventure situation, family drama) either them closer together or causes tension
Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Now they could be several of these categories, but I think ScotchBonnet hit the nail on the head whenever she pointed these out.

As for Bryce and Sami? Forbidden lovers, Rivals (My favorite romances always had the antag and protag loving/hating each other!), and of course: Love at first sight!

How the hell am I going to get these two to work out?

Not fair!
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