The First Post!
Hello! While I have been blogging for a couple of days in another blog, I decided to switch blogs since I didn't like the lack of customization.

Anyway, let's start this.

A little bit about me:

Since I believe love is the most important thing in life, I’ll start with that. Relationship status = has been/could be. As in my has-been relationship is now a month over, thankfully. Long story short — no romance, no passion, no love. It was a dull mating ritual of co-existing to say the least. Towards the end of the relationship I’d be lucky to say it even was that alluring.

On the positive side, this "could be" fella, Alex, is flying into Memphis today! I should be picking him up about two o'clock if all goes well. It's funny, it's always snowing when he's here. Hasn't snowed all year, and the day it shows up -- it's snowing! (If you know anything about memphis, memphis doesn't get good weather. It's always either 100 degrees with terrible humidity or it's 38 degrees and raining.) So we'll see how great this could be really could be ^_^!

The next thing that I believe defines a person is their career. I work for a sign company, as in the neon signs you pass every day. It’s a company full of men, but fortunately they’re all family. I am the accountant for this company, and I don’t believe there is anywhere in the world that I would rather be. It might seem as if I’m not ambitious. It’s not that at all, actually. I’m just so entirely happy helping my father and my brother. Every day I get to wake up, go to work, and help them make their jobs easier. As an accountant, I work probably a whole five hours of the eight, and I am able to do the one thing that ignites my body: write.

I love writing. It is that simple. I love fantasy and what goes beyond the boring, average life. Fantasy and Romance are stories that have always fascinated me. As for writing, I prefer fantasy — urban fantasy at that.

My first book that I actually completed was finished right after I had turned 18. I was quickly crushed by oh-so-many rejection letters from literary agents, people who represent your work to publishing companies. The difference between a writer and a published author is the difference between burritos and sushi.

At the complete failure of my first novel, I simply told myself to do better. And that is exactly what I have done. The second book turned into a quartet of four books about myths, legends, religion, demons, and above all — the will to carry on. I am currently 20,000 words short of being finished with my 3 out of the 4 books. By the end of this year, I hope to be finished completely with the last book and starting on serious edits.

To get your feet a bit muddy, I post my query letter here. Query letters are about as close to hell as anything can get. I know writing 250,000 words might seem hard to some, but comparing it to writing 500 words about the 250,000 story — it’s a piece of cake. Anyway, this is what I have so far. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a start to many, many, many things on my re-write list.

The events foretold in the book of Revelation are occurring. But not as planned. Lucifer, the fallen angel, is protecting heaven.

Haunted by dreams of his previous life as Lucifer, the fifteen-year-old city slicker Bryce Bourbon vows to right the wrongs he once made. His plan: to manipulate aether, an elemental power with the ability to transform him into a lethal weapon, and stifle evil as it infects the globe.

Bryce’s mission leads him to Jerusalem where two devils seek to kill the Jewish Messiah, Sar Shalom. But the web of devils stretches farther than these two. Another four have placed themselves in prestigious political positions around the world to ensure their access to biological and nuclear weapons.

When Bryce stumbles into the devils’ trap, he discovers their plan to spark World War III. In order to spare the Earth of the agonizing genocide he once inflicted upon it, Bryce must find a way to control his strengths and save the messiah before the devils’ set into motion the Apocalypse.

As I said before, there are four books. First revolves around Judaism. Second revolves around both Sikhism and Buddhism. The third is about Hinduism and Muslim; while the fourth focuses on Christianity. These six religions I always found completely memorizing, so it’s only natural that I write about it. I left most of the heavy-religious tones out of the book so everyone of all beliefs could read it for what it is: a story.

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  1. Glen Akin Says:

    Just read your query and I've got to say, "Wow!" If you can pull this off, then you've got yourself a best seller

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