Three down one to go!

Finished book three -- whoo whoo! I'm about 10k words short of where I want to be, but I'll skimmed over some scenes, so I'll be able to lengthen it up a bit more. Geez! I'm absolutely excited. The ending is perfect. This is one of those "final" ending type endings.

These first three books revolve around one character's POV. The last book focuses on both Bryce and the actual "legend" Hayden Woodford. It's also the book that revolves around the Christian theme: Revelations.
I've always wanted to write a story based off of revelations, simply because I always found it absolutely terrifying. If you've ever taken the time to sit down through it, you know. There's some scary shit in there.

Doesn't help that I've been told on multiple occasions that I'll be going to hell for writing something based off of Revelations. "You're going to tell if you add or take away from the bible." I wonder if that's true on people that don't try and force beliefs on people. Like I could really see why it'd be a problem if a preacher was twisting God's words onto God's believers to manipulate them for more power/wealth/ect. I don't really see it being much of a problem if I'm telling a story that references Revelations. All in all, I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell for one reason or another -- might as well have fun doing it!

Funny/random thought of the day: Does your God (I don't care which religion) see black and white or do you think God makes exceptions?

Could you just imagine:

Man steals to feed his starving children.

God argues with himself, "Bubububut -- the babies, they were

Note to self: If I ever write a make-believe world which has a God. I'm going to have him (maybe her?) have multi-personalities. And argue with him/herself. It'd be entertaining to say the least.

Ah! I'm so excited!
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  1. Glen Akin Says:

    Congrats! I wish i could write as fast as you do

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