But that's my storyline!
So this morning I'm going to focus on more of a personal conflict that I think most authors go through: Finding out there's a story out there very similar to yours. The other day while sitting around with a group of friends, someone said, "We should go see the Legion!"

"What's that?"

"Oh, this movie about a fallen angel saving mankind."

This is when the initial inner screams began WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! And so after a sleepless night I decided to dig into the story a bit more.
1. It's a horror, mine's urban fantasy.
2. God loses faith in man kind. I don't see that ever happening, simply because people won't allow their God to lose faith in them.
3. God's legion is zombies. >.>
4. The entire time the hero is trying to save this prego chick that supposedly has the messiah (and God didn't know this how?)

Those are pretty strong differences, and no matter how much it upset me to hear there was something remotely similar to my story, I think I'll live. In fact, I'll do better than just live. I'm going to make a story so compelling that I'll never have to worry about having a similar story.
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  1. Angie Says:

    Followed your link from the AW thread. You're right, I'll live. Funny thing is that this other book doesn't even sound all that interesting to me, which I think tells me that they really are very different. I'll probably eventually break down and buy the book - though not right away. Thanks for your great advice. :)

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