Road Trip Wednesday
Road Trip #13: What books do you love that no one else has heard of?

Well, I have to start it off with
Trudi Canavan's series Age of Five. It's about a priestess who talks to her nation's Gods. It isn't until she wages war on an opposing nation that she realizes she's just her Gods' pawn. As are her people, and the people of the opposing tribe. Five bored Gods have been meddling in the affairs of humans while acting as two separate entities. The trilogy in general is so much more, but the plot is simply tantalizing.

Next is YA author Sherwood Smith and his book: Crown Duel. In general, anything Mr. Smith writes I read without setting the book down. It is one of my favorite romance stories that deal with true love, something many lustful YA stories try to create, but fail. It's about a young woman who fights for her nation. Overcomes a tyrant and inspires other countries to follow in her footsteps -- all while falling in love with someone she believes to be the second-worst man she's ever met. The characters are so unbelievably written, that it alone has made this book a treasure.

Last but not least is Jennifer Fallon's Hythrun Chronicles. To me, this storyline has everything a story should: love, heroes, failures, perfect antagonists, fifty billion different plot lines. Just everything a novel should be. Her writing is probably one of my biggest inspirations. I'd even put her above Tolkien.

That's it for this Wednesday! Hope you give the books a try and enjoy them at least as much as I did.

2 Responses
  1. Kaitlin Ward Says:

    Sounds like three more books I should add to my reading list!

  2. Pam Harris Says:

    Great reads there. I have more books to add to my summer reading list. :)

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