Road Trip Wednesday!
So today's Road Trip Wednesday asks:

Topic #12: What's everyone's reaction when they find out you're writing a book?

"You're a writer? I thought you did books for a sign company?"

"Oh where can I buy you're book?" (Hate this response, it's about a billion times harder to get published than anyone could imagine.)

"What's your story about?"
I hate this question. What isn't my book about? Then if I go into any type of detail, I get looked at as if I'm crazy.

But I have to say the worst of all is when someone responds, "Can I read it?" But they never. Ever. Give. It. A. Damn. Chance. I'll send it to them and five months later the email won't even be open. They'll give the wonderful excuse of, "Oh, I'm sorry. I've been so busy."

p.s. I lost my font changing button. And the color changing. D":!
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