This morning I'm going to explore Subplots.

Let's define it. Subplots are narrative lines experienced by other characters. If you're looking for side plots for you're main antagonist, here is my section on plot layers. A frequent worry for writers is that their subplots steal the show. Do they? Of course. We've already discussed how it's important for your reader to connect. Can you imagine if they can connect to the side characters as well as the main? You can do this by giving them their own story. My favorite story of all time is a subplot to Jennifer Fallon's Hythrun Chronicles. I go through the series one a year or more simply because of a side character, Her Most Serene Highness Adrina.

So, the point? Add more to your story. See how you can connect what is happening to your main character to what is happening between those around him. How do you do that?

Write down your important secondary characters. What is the main problem, conflict, and goal faced by each of these characters? Now tell their story. What happens when they lead up to it? What happens when they overcome their struggle?
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  1. M. Hockaday Says:

    Great post! I am sure that you don't need to know about this contest that I was sent, but maybe some of your followers do. Today is the last day! Check it out!

  2. You have some good thoughts here. If properly executed, subplots can strengthen a novel and make it irresistible to a reader. Best of luck with your writing!

    The Bokheim Chu

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