Flat = Splat
I'm trying to think of one thing in the world that I like flat.
Cokes are terrible flat.
Boobs look terrible flat.
Even an ass looks terrible flat.
A flat tire...
Hopefully you're getting the picture. Why should a character be flat?

(To start off, I'm combining chapters two and three in Writing the Breakthrough Novel)

Mr. Maass' point:

  • One-dimensional characters hold limited interest for us because they are limited as human beings. They lack the complexity that makes real-life people so fascinating. We are more likely to identify with them -- that is to see ourselves in them. Why? Because there's more to see.

Naturally, you're going to think your characters are complex. All of them. This is how you can tell.

  1. What is your character's most defining qualities? (list five)
  2. Objectively speaking, name the opposite of those qualities:
  3. Now look through your manuscript. See how many times your character has demonstrated the opposite qualities.

Another way to show a multidimensional character is to show their INNER CONFLICT.

The way a writer creates inner conflict is force your protagonist to have two goals/needs/wants that are completely opposite of each other. This forces your character to be torn in two directions.

Genuine inner conflict will make your protagonist memorable. How? Look at it this way: When we say a character is memorable, what do we mean? Simply that we are thinking about that character after the story is over. What causes us to do that? Inner conflict. When it is powerfully portrayed, it lingers beyond the last page. Readers seek to resolve it. They will mentally talk to your heroine, trying to make her happy. They will imagine scenes in which things come out better for your poor protagonist. Trigger that response in your readers, and you will have succeeded in making your character memorable.

Question of the Day:

What was the hardest "inner conflict" your character was forced to go through?

Throughout the entire book there is an on-going legend. When we first meet Bryce, we think it's him. Three books later, the real legend is born. He's a baby boy that is destined to kill the world's cruelest devil. It sounds easy, but when his mother is corrupted by evil, everyone finds out the real destiny this child holds. He must kill his mother.

Bryce has been a second father to the baby. He loves and adores the child. When he finds out the boy's future, he's torn between his love for the child and his grudge against fate. He struggles with the thought of killing the baby. Innocent, sweet, and never knowing the world as an evil place -- Bryce could spare the child of his horrid fate. He could kill the boy. But murdering a child, no less a child that he loves, is gut-wrenching.

After Bryce struggles with what to do, he makes his mind up. The boy must be killed in order to spare him of his future.

On a personal note, Alex is leaving today. I could barely sleep with the thought of it, and I'm just wondering how long it'll be until I get to see him again. Probably a week or two. Hopefully not much longer. I am completely excited for what type of plans our future holds. I can't wait ^_^!!!

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