Zero to Hero
Hello Bloggies!

Personal Note first: Alex is here and it's been WONDERFUL! Seriously, like a dream come true.
Now onto business.

I've decided that I'm going to do a couple things with the blog:

  • Work through Donald Maass' Writing the Breakthrough Novel Workbook
  • Question of the Day

That way, every time you come to look at the blog, you'll know exactly what you're getting yourself into.

Today's look in Writing the Breakthrough Novel:


  • Why would we wish to read about characters whom we do not like?
  • How you turn your protagonist into a hero: It starts with the opening pages, when your protagonist gives us some reason to care; that is to say, identify with him or her. We need to see ourselves in the character. Indeed, when we see in others ourselves as we would like to be, higher admiration sets in and with it deep concern and abiding hope. We want our heroes to win.
  • The words Hero and Heroine sound impossibly grand, invoking wartime, bravery, and inhuman fortitude.

All in all, Mr. Maass is a hundred percent correct. When it comes down to reading about a character, I'm not going to enjoy reading about someone I can't relate to.

So the question of the day?

What qualities do heroes possess?

1. Determination - a fixed intention to resolve even in the most complicated disasters.
2. Loyalty - a feeling of high allegiance
3. Courage - a firmness of spirit which meets danger without being overcome by fear
4. Dedication - a selfless devotion
5. Valor - courage during battles
6. Conviction - a fixed, unshakable belief
7. Fortitude - encountering danger and enduring pain with a steadfast, unbroken spirit
8. Sacrifice - willingness to do what is best for the world above what is best for your own personal pleasure
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